A Mama & Latina Owned Business

Hello, first I would like to welcome you to my shop!!

                   My name is Breanna and I am the owner of BreAnd's Creations. I also have my mother who helps me with the floral arrangements and the reason they come out so beautiful. So, in a way welcome to our mother & daughter duo business!

 BreAnd's Creations was created during one of the hardest times in our history, when we first encountered the stay at home order due to the Covid pandemic.

How did we get started? Mother's Day was coming up and we wanted to bring some light back into all of our favorite mothers in our local communities, so we decided to create some arrangements! We got so inspired by everyone's love and support and decided to keep it going, which became our Special Occasions Arrangements.

The name BreAnds comes from my mother combining both my brothers and I names together. I loved how unique it sounded that it just made sense.
As time went on I came to learn that I loved designing and creating. It started with designing the logo itself and turned into offering so much more!

On that note, welcome to our very first website! Here you will be able to shop all our custom Tumblers, Resin Crafts, and all personalized items, and the first official launch of our clothing brand: BMC by BreAnds.

All floral arrangement orders go through our instagram page ONLY and are for LOCAL Communities.

From our creations to your home!

Xo - Bre